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My Vodafone app can't access account data. Error 4300

2: Seeker

Ever since I bought a 15 day roaming pass at the end of April I have been unable to access any account data through the My Vodafone app. I just get an error that says, "We can't find this information right now." 

When I log into my account online I can see some more information but I can't manage my account as my data can't be accessed. 

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app but still no good. I get the same issue on multiple Android devices and also online so the issue is clearly at an account level.

I have raised the issue with Vodafone who have passed it to a back office team but other than a request for screenshots I have heard nothing. I have tried to get updates from Chat but all they can do is ask the back office team for an update - that never arrived. I tried asking again today but again no update is available. 

Any ideas would be most welcome. Thank you.

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17: Community Champion

I'm afraid there's no account acces via the forum.  However, if you drop the Social Media team a note on Facebook or Twitter, they'll be able to investigate for you.   Include a link to this thread and you won't have to repeat what you've said already.

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