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My voicemail notification won't go away

2: Seeker

Hi all,


I have a samsuns S9 and I have had the voicemail notification showing up, even if I don't have any voicemail at my inbox.


I've searched here before and I've already tried to:


-search for the app "voicemail" and I can't find anywhere on my phone. saw millions of apps but no voicemail


-turn off by dialling 1210 and then 1211 to activate again


-chat with the someone on vodafone to reset my voicemail profile


-soft reset my phone by removing the sim card


Pleaseeeee does someone knows how to solve this? I am one of those persons who always try to have his main screen clean with no notifications, and this problem is really really annoying me a L-O-T.


thanks for the help :Smiling:


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17: Community Champion

A lot depends on whether this is a system message (typically Mised Call) or from Vodafone.  Voicemail isn't an app.

There are two ways of checking:

1. Look in the phone's main menu under Calling and see if there's a setting for how to notify you of missed calls or voicemails.

2. Call 121 and go into the settings menu.   There should be an option for how you're notified of voicemails.  I have SMS selected so that I just get a text when a message is left.

With regard to the existing notification, what happens when you tap on it?   Does it then regard itself as acted on and go away?   If it does, then that may be all you need to do.

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