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Nougat 7.0 : My Review.

17: Community Champion

Firmware : Nougat 7.0.

My Phone : Samsung Galaxy s7 edge SM-G935F. {XEU}


Here are my initial thoughts you asked me for@SKYMAN513


I've been using Nougat 7.0 on my Samsung Galaxy s7 edge Unbranded version for a few days now and just wanted to put my thoughts down.


The Grace Ui which is what the Samsung Note 7 used is in my opinion refreshing and much cleaner. I appreciate some will not like the more white look. For me its now a lot less fisher price style childrens colours in the Ui.


Themes from the Samsung Theme Store or Launchers such as Nova Prime amongst others can be downloaded if wished to overlay a different more darker / colourful look.


I like the way the icons on my Home Screens are now rounded instead of square. Aesthetic I appreciate but more to my liking.


The option now to long press on an eligible app to put it to sleep or to choose different options like app info is useful.Rumour is a new update may bring further functionality to this feature. A Little  like how iOS on iPhones work. 


The improved Doze feature certainly does it's job well and tells me via a notification which apps it has put into sleep mode. A person can enforce sleep mode too by long holding down on the App icon, as mentioned above. 


Some say Battery life on Nougat Vs Marshmallow is better.


For me battery life is subjective as we all use different Apps which can have different app permissions set if applicable. We have our phones set up differently and have differing usage habits. Some people in fringe areas of coverage may experience more battery loss as the phone works overtime to maintain connection.


All I'll say is it's on par with what I experienced with Marshmallow thus far. My phone could still be indexing / settling after this major update. 


The enhanced Always On Display was something I was waiting for and am really pleased I can now see more notifications awaiting apart from messages and emails.Double tap on the notification will take you to that notification. 


I like the way when a folder is opened up the app icons now sit on an opaque background. Again aesthetic but pleasing to my eye.


The new way the Settings Ui is set out is a lot less cluttered than Marshmallow in my opinion and the settings are way better to navigate around.


One can change screen resolution which is good and also the phone now has an Performance Mode optimisation feature.


The camera and Video functions get enhancements. 


I am a heavy user of multi tasking modes on my phone so the new multi window interface is nice. Splitting the screen into two for me offers greater usability for my usage habits. This was available in Marshmallow but has been tweaked. 


The Blue Light Filter feature reminds me of iOS Night Shift and is a welcomed function.


The native Samsung Keyboard is better spaced out and the space bar button is bigger helping with typing and not always hitting the pesky full stop button.


A person can still make the keyboard smaller and place it on the Righthand or Lefthand side of the screen.


The Secure Folder found in Galaxy Apps provides a secure place for your pictures and files etc. To note I've read from a couple of users that this caused excessive battery drain. 


To date I've not had to either clear my phones Systems Cache or Factory Reset. 


This is in no way an exhausted list of the new features and enhancements in Nougat 7.0, but are the ones that have currently enhanced my usage of my Samsung Galaxy s7 edge.


The Security Patch that came with Nougat is 1st February 2017. 



Image Courtesy of Google. 


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13: Advanced Member
Thank's Bandofbrothers
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13: Advanced Member
HI bandofbrothers.what is the secure folder you mentioned in your review of nougat and how can I access it
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17: Community Champion

It's in your GALAXY apps folder. 


In your apps tray their will be a folder saying Samsung. 


On opening it up there will be Galaxy Apps. 


Launch it and search for secure folder. 


Once downloaded it'll take you through setting up a pattern lock etc and then you can put pictures etc in there that's only accessible by you. 


Be aware however some have reported increased battery drain from it. 




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13: Advanced Member
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