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OTA update missing for Smart Ultra 6?

4: Newbie

I've had more trouble with my phone, which a factory reset didn't fix, so I have to reinstall the OS, using a method I have used before, which has my phone back on Lollipop.  When I try to update to Marshmallow online as before, I'm getting a network issue, but my network is fine, and apps are currently updating.   It occurred to me that the updates may no longer be being served due to ZTE current problems.


Can anyone else who still has a SU6, try the update page? If someone else can see the "Your phone is up to date" message, then the problem is on my end, not the server.


Also, any other approaches I could take?  Is the update file available on a server somewhere that I could download to my SD card?


(being stuck on 5.1 is going to be miserable now.  I am very used to Marshmallow).




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2: Seeker

I have same problem.   With ZTE not supporting anymore,  you might have expected vodafone to make alternative arrangements to host the firmware update.

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1: Seeker

I've got the same problem. Tried finding a 6.0.1 ROM online for the Smart Ultra 6 so I could upgrade from the SD card instead, but had no luck.

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