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Order glitch

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I have ordered a samsung s8 on 24/11 online with the black Friday offer. I was then charged 40 gbp as upfront cost on my account and then I got an order number with an email saying we will contact you soon. Waiting for 9days I have contacted Vodafone support with live chat, phone and in person on the store. Everyone says a completely different story and the tracking website displays an error since day0. At first I was told to wait as it it's going through credit check! (I know it takes 1min not 5 days). Then I have been told on the phone that they double checked my order is processed and cleared the credit check and I can pick it up from the store. I went to the store and they told me another great story that a computer glitch did not process my online order and it had never been credit checked!!! They tried to delete my acc and make a new one and then it was unable even to ID check me like i was a ghost. I left complaining that at least I want a refund they told me to call you. When I called another great and bored guy told me that my order was processed on 24/11, I failed credit check and that my account was deleted as rejected. Still though 40 pounds are "frozen" in my bank account. I am extremely disappointed and did not expect from a multinational company to act like that. I don't even know if I was credit checked multiple times or not at all and I don't know how my credit score was affected by some people's incompetence. Can someone capable of solving my problem explain me what happened and if I am able to get my order or at least my money back?


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17: Community Champion




Im not surprised your confused to what is actually happening with so many explanations !

If you’ve failed the Credit Check Which means I assume your not currently with Vodafone Uk as existing customers are not Credit Checked usually when upgrading then any monies wouldn’t have been taken by Vodafone but will have been held by your Bank whilst awaiting for Vodafone to claim the funds. Your Banks Customer Services will be able to confirm the status. It’ll drop back into your account in approximately 7 working days in my experience. 

You could check via Experian to see any credit checks that maybe showing and it’s advised to wait at least 90 days to let a Credit Files Credit Score recover before applying again. 

Also by checking your credit file this may highlight something on there that may not be right causing application issues. Ensure your on the Electoral Role etc. 



Current Phone > Samsung Note9 _512Gb > Model: SM-N960 Duos.

Samsung Gear s3 Frontier Watch.

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