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Out of stock Samsung Galaxy S9 plus

2: Seeker



I was promised the samsung galaxy s9 plus 7 days before the official release. Advisors at samsung have been telling me that the phone is at the warehouse awaiting dpd pick up. Today i have been told its out of stock. The offcial release date is on the 16th march 2018. Was i better off buying it elsewhere? When are vodaphone recieving more stock?

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17: Community Champion

Unfortunatley pre ordering does not guarantee a phone on launch date @MAttari1227

From what ive recently seen on the Samsung Online Shop they started shipping on the 12th of March. 

Personally I prefer to go into store to purchase a week or so after the launch date so I have time to catch up on real user reviews to ensure its not a lemon. 

Once Vodafone have one in stock they'll email you with the tracking information. 

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