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P20 Pro Twilight

4: Newbie



Ordered the P20 Pro Twilight on Saturday night.

Was told it was a 1-2 weeks wait, fair enough as it could be sooner.


Then to check today and it be 3-4 weeks!


Question is, is that for new ordered and will mine still be 1-2 weeks wait?

And does anyone else have theirs yet? Or any news on theirs?



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17: Community Champion

Unfortunately with new flag ship models the shipping times can at times slip @Jo135790

As your aware these can change positively or negatively. 

Vodafone will try to get you your model as soon as it becomes in-stock. 

They'll email you with a tracking number once it's despatched. 

There's further info in Vodafone and track-my-order.

Until then customer services can only give an estimate and refer you to the info available on the Vodafone shop in regards to lead times. 

The other option if the lead times continue is to check in a Vodafone High street Store to see if they have stock and think about cancelling the online order with customer services on 191,  and when things have reset then go into the High street Store and process things there and walk out with the phone if they still have one in-stock or consider an independent such as Carphone Warehouse but be 100% sure they upgrade you if this isn't a new contract and not add a new line or talk you into taking out a new contract and talk about moving your original Vodafone number to the new contract as this can become messy.

Be aware discounts such as employers VEA isn't available via an independent too. 

I hope you get the phone asap. 

Current Phone >

Samsung Galaxy s²² Ultra 256gb.


Secondary Phone >

Samsung Z Fold³ 256gb.

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4: Newbie

I appreciate that it's out of your hands. It's just dissapointing when you think it won't be as long.


And I'll keep an eye out for store stock and won't go to carphone warehouse as their deals compared to the one I got with you is terrible!


Thanks for linking the tracking website for me, the issue with that though is it says 'Order details you've entered are invalid.' when I go to check. I keep getting told from your live chat team that it's because it's not dispatched yet 🤔


Thank you

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4: Newbie


i am in a similar disposition ordered the TWILIGHT Variant, in store  on the 4th of May 2018 was asked to come on 10th may to collect the same  only to be eventually told sorry still pending and may take almost 2 weeks :Socked_Face:


I am not unhappy about the wait it's just the lack of communication or disconnect between back and front end.

This is invariably typical of Vodafone always either overpromising and underdelivering !!🙄👎🏻


Now they've asked me to come on 15th May , hoping  it gets delivered in time.


Good luck with yours too.😊

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4: Newbie



That's crazy! Even more so that they say it could take 2 weeks but to come back 5 days later on the 15th! If they are correct then it could mean they're due imminently as delivery time to store would take another few days?


I received a text today saying they're working closely with Huawei to get the phones as there is a slight delay and they're expecting in the next 3 weeks. 


It was only a few days before they were selling the Twilight that they told me they won't be having it! So definitely shows what Vodafone are like 🙄


I'll keep you updated as I ordered online :Smiling:

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4: Newbie

hey 😄

Appreciate the input ,,great do keep me posted and I shall do the same  if they SHOCK ME with an ontime delivery🤡   'Wishful thinking 😉'


have a good rest of the day  hun ! Taa 🙌🏻

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