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Phone won't make outgoing calls

4: Newbie



I got my Galaxy SIII a couple of weeks ago and noticed that sometimes it just won't make calls.


It will either just drop straight away and show the "Call Ended" screen, or wait about 10 seconds then do it.


It's getting very annoying as I've moved cities for the Olympics and naturally need to be in constant contact with the staff.


Not only that but I am also unable to contact family and friends, which is the whole point of buying a new phone.


I would appreciate a swift conclusion to the problem as it's urgent for obvious reasons.


Failing that I will have to get a Vodafone store to deal with it before talking to Samsung or someone higher up the food chain.


I look forward to hearing from you.

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17: Community Champion

A couple of extra questions that should help the team on here narrow down the problem.


- Are you getting the same problem in multiple locations (you mention you've moved city, was it like that before, and is it still the same in several different areas of the current city?)

- What signal strength is showing on the phone?

- If you're currently on 3G does the problem continue if you drop the phone down to GSM only (I'm pretty sure this can be changed in settings, more settings, mobile networks, then you can switch to GSM only - repeat to turn back on GSM and 3G)

- You could look to search your post code on the faults board here to see if there are any current network issues in your area - also let the staff on here know if you're aware of any other Vodafone users in your area experiencing the same problem.

- If possible are you able to try and replicate the same problem by putting the SIM in a different phone (this will let you narrow down if it might be a problem with the handset or the SIM itself - if it's the SIM then Vodafone can usually provide a replacement for free and link your existing number to it)

Vodafone customer since 2004. Attempting to help where I can on the Community

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16: Advanced member

Have you tried re logging back in on to the network 

go to settings >more settings > Mobile networks >Network operators 


if that does not work try changing the Network mode to gsm try making a call 

then change it back 

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4: Newbie

It happened first in Bolton last week, then yesterday in east London. It's wherever I go, it stopped working around 8pm in Stanford, and continued till I went to bed in Bow, a good 5 miles or so away.

The signal seems to work as normal, usually pretty good and varying as I move around.

Tried both 2G and 3G, both dead as a dodo.

No local issues, at least not reported online.

Can't swap the SIM as it's one of the micro ones so won't fit in another phone.

I've noticed the phone seems to be working this morning, so it's a temperamental thing.

Just highly annoying and really not the best timing!

Thanks for your help though guys
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5: Helper

I gotta say that I'm not very sure that this will help you, but you might try it.


Since the problems began, have you ever cleared the data as in the image?

To get here go for: Settings > Applications > Select All in the right corner and then at Phone an press on Clear data(It will removed all your history, so save to contacts numbers that weren't on your Agenda)


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Hi JDE1990,


I'm glad to ear all is well for now in your last update. If you don't have a MicroSIM adapter or another MicroSIM handset to test your MicroSIM in, you're more than welcome to visit any of our high street stores to let them either test it for you or action a replacement SIM if you think yours is faulty?

Let me know if you get a chance to do this and how you get on.

Cheers, Ben 

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1: Seeker


this is rohit.

I am getting the same problem from recent two days. my phone is samsumng galaxy y gt-s5360. it is neither able to recieve the incoming calls nor make any outgoing calls although having full network coverage. also the local vodafone users around my house are getting same problem. i tried all the other ways but problem could not be rectified.

Please suggest any help. it wud highly be appreciated.

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17: Community Champion
It sounds like there is a network problem in your area.

Have a look at the network trouble shooting guide.
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