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RCS not working for all contacts

4: Newbie

Can Vodafone help to identify why RCS is only working with a few contacts.  I'm using the default  Samsung  messages app with my Note 9, tried Android Messages and have the same result. My wife who has an Huawei P20 Lite has also seen the service come up with the issue. The problem has started since yesterday. 


I've performed the usual steps such as resetting the app, I've hard reset my phone and still have the same issue. 


Any help would be much appreciated. Please note, I'm not going anywhere near Messages+. It's clunky and looks absolutely hideous in terms of the app and icon.



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Hi @spackmc, apologies for our delayed response. I've recently had this issue and it was fixed with a factory reset. Before you perform this, be sure to back up your phone as resetting it will delete anything saved.

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