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Ringtone & Notification tones resetting to default

3: Seeker

I have set the sounds on my new Vodafone V8 and my parents new Vodafone N8's to something more familiar but after a time, be it hours or days it resets to the default sound.  Is there any way to make them stay as we want them?

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17: Community Champion

That's very odd.   Are these the built-in sounds or something you've downloaded?   If it's the latter, thet could be issues with them, so try a stock one.   If it's already stock, try different ones, just in case that makes a difference (though I can't see why).

It's also possible that this is a resource issue, so try clearing recent apps, app caches (Settings|Storage|Phone|Clear cache) and simple restart (turn it off and then on again).

If that doesn't do it, you may need to try a factory reset - don't forget to back up your content first!

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13: Advanced Member

I think I've solved part of this. On my V8 I can set a ringtone via the edit contact function but to set an SMS tone to my contacts I had to do it though the Messages app once I'd sent or received a message from someone. This works fine until I deleted a contact's conversation thread, then the next time I got a text from them it had gone back to default. 

Hope that helps a bit.





Vodafone Smart V8 VFD-710, Android Version - 7.1.1

Last Update 17.11.17, 

Build- VFD-710_MRB01-3, 

Baseband- P840V70801

Kernel - 3.18.31-perf
Apex Launcher. Chrome browser.


My phone history:

Smart V8, Note 4, S4, S2, Tocco Ultra, F490, P300, E250, RAZR v3, Timeport 250, A300, Star-Tac


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