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SIM card not working

2: Seeker

Hi, I'm a traveler in europe, and I'm using Galaxy S6.


Yesterday I bought a vodafone internet SIM card(1.5GB) in prague airport. 

but I was busy at that time, so I couldn't activate my sim card. 

Now I'm in the netherlands, and I replaced old SIM card into the new one that I bought in prague.

But the phone can't find any service provider.

Now there is nothing I can do.  Call , SMS, internet.


I tried to add APN of NL vodafone, but it doesn't work.

Could anyone tell me how to solve the problem?


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17: Community Champion

Hi @cyclomon 


Unfortunately, the forum here is only Vodafone UK support.  Vodafone NL is a separate network, this means you will need to speak to the Netherlands network for help and support.


Please see this link:



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