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Samsung S7 Wifi Calling issues.

2: Seeker



I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 and I'm having issues with using wifi calling at home. The feature is enabled in the settings and on my Vodaofne account. 


When I'm in my office at work and I'm connected to wifi, I turn on airplane mode and switch on wifi, I'am able to use wifi calling becasue I'm able to make outgoing calls and receive incoming calls and when on a call I get the wifi calling symbol on my status bar. 


When I'm at home however and do the same as above, wifi calling doesn't work and says that network is unavaialble or network is not found.  I get no signal at home and my broadband speeds are roughly 9MB download and 1MB upload so wifi calling should surely work. 


Anyone have any ideas about what the issue might be?


Any help would be much appreciated. 

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16: Advanced member

@Kamilt - We recommend that the Wi-Fi connection speed is at least 1Mbps. I understand you’ve advised your speeds are roughly 9Mbps. The stronger the connection, means the better quality of the call.

With yours not connecting at all when at home, please test it at different times of the day and perform a speed test at the time it fails.

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