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Silence for 10 seconds at the start of calls. Voda N8

3: Seeker

I've had my N8 for 5 months, and it's a great phone, a phone:-

In about 60% of the calls, in the first couple of seconds of a call, the call goes silent (both ways). Sometimes the other person hangs up, sometimes the call fails, but a lot of the time the call resumes after 10 seconds. If the call does resume, it will then stay solid for the rest of the call, even if it's an hour or more.

(I've tried changing all sorts of variables. Suresignal on / off, 3G/4G, Call+, not Call+. Different locations, etc.)

Anyone else have this problem? 



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17: Community Champion

Hello @markdransfield


As a process of elimination can you insert your sim card in another phones to rule out the phone or sim card that might be at issue. 

If this continues in another phone then a Vodafone High street Store can swap out the sim via a SIM Swap to see if that improves the situation. 

If it does not then speak with Customer service on 191 or Live Chat just to have everythi g checked out on your account. 

This isnt probably the issue but try turning off your voicemail if its currently turned On just as a process of elimination. 

If the sim works fine in another phone then a Vodafone High street Store can send the phone away for a diagnostic under its 24 months manufacturing warranty as long as its not been dropped or had water in it. 

If you do decide to send it away then id also suggest to taking time and date stamped pictures of the phone to prove its aesthetic condition and one of it turned On and one of any visible water sensor. Get the employee to note its condition too. 

I wish you all the best with this situation.


Current Phone > Samsung Note9 _512Gb > Model: SM-N960 Duos.

Samsung Gear s3 Frontier Watch.

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3: Seeker

Thanks for you reply.

I tried the SIM in a different phone (also an N8) and had the same problem.

I called customer services. They got me to try a few Option/Mobile networks/search/connect to another operator, but that didn't fix it.


However, a few days on and I'm please to report that I can't reproduce the problem. I've noticed that I now have a strong 2G ("E") signal whereas before I had a crap 4G and an okay 3g (H/H+).

So I just rang CS and asked them if they'd fixed anything. They reported that they sent engineers out to my local mast!   I don't know what they've done, but I imagine them pulling out the plug powering the 4G/3G transmitter, leaving me with a rock solid 2G signal, 1990's styleee!

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