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Sky Sports mobile app won't start

1: Seeker

The SKY sports mobile app won't load on my Huawei phone. It was working fine earlier this week, but now it won't get past the logo screen displaying a message saying 'please check your network coverage'. I have waited for several minutes to see if it would eventually start  but no luck. I have also reinstalled app, and cleared cache and data. Still no progress. Any suggestions? 

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17: Community Champion

I've occasionally see that with other apps and it's usually a problem with the service itself that clears after a (usually short) while.   On that basis, I've be inclined to contact Sky and see what they have to say.

I don't use this myself, so don't know the exact mechanisms, but I assume the service is something that comes bundled with your Vodafone contract?  That might affect the way you log in, possibly.   One thought: is it posible that there's trial/free period that's expired?

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