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Sky sports TV app

2: Seeker

A few days ago, I updated my phone to android 10. I went to watch the Premier league games at the weekend on the sky sports app, I singned in but as I went to screenshare the match, the screen of the actual match didn't appear but it did on my phone... All other apps and menus worked perfectly fine. I want to know a fix so I can watch future football games with the family immediately. I have missed one of the most hyped up games this weekend due to this issue and I am highly disappointed with the inability to use this app effectively that i am paying for. 

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17: Community Champion

What phone are you using may I ask as you mention the new Android 10 firmware ?

Your SmartTv may still need updating or the App itself or the software your using to mirror from your phone to the TV to catch up with the new firmware on your phone @x124fg1234 

Android 10 for some is still Beta which can be buggy and some things may not work as the app developers need to catch up.

Current Phone > Samsung Note 10+ 5G _256Gb > Model: SM-N976B.

Samsung One Ui 2.1  / Android 10.


Samsung Gear s3 Frontier Watch.

Samsung Galaxy Buds.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @x124fg1234 


This is an ongoing issue with the Sky Sports Application and until Sky wake up and update the Application there will be little Vodafone will be in a position to do.


Please refer to this previous link:

There are also threads on Sky Community and this will also be affecting Sky's own Customers using Android 10.


Understandably, this won't help Vodafone customers who depend on the Application to work.  I would suggest you follow this link for direct help and support from Vodafone through the social media channels:  Contact the Social Media Team 

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