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Unable to turn off call waiting PERMANENTLY, it turns itself back on by itself over night.

2: Seeker

I use #43# to turn off call waiting, it works perfectly during the day and evening but overnight at about 3 AM it seems to re activate by itself.

Has anyone come across this, my Phone is a new Samsung A70. 

Any ideas on a permanent fix would be appreciated. 



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17: Community Champion

Hi @Werlynne3 


Have you tried toggling call waiting off on your call phone settings?  More time consuming but this will enable you to turn toggle back on when required.

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2: Seeker

I have tried to set call waiting both ways, via the toggle Turn off call waiting in Supplementary Settings and also #43#........both turn themselves hack on over night.

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Are you on the latest Android software @Werlynne3

By activating call waiting and switching this off again after a few minutes does this force the feature to stay switched off?

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