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Unknown IMEI - my latest SU6 disaster

4: Newbie

FINAL UPDATE: phone is dead, long live the (moto g6 play) phone.  Old phone will shortly be available for scavenging of parts/practicing rooting, flashing whatever. 


My IMEI number on my Smart Ultra 6 is suddenly blank. The phone got grumpy and a reboot hasn't fixed that, but now I can't even get connect to the mobile network, and I have worked out it's because my IMEI number has been wiped.  It's unknown in the settings menu, and when I dial *#06#. 


I know what it used to be, but resetting it seems to involve rooting which I would rather avoid.  Currently backing up everything on my phone in prelude to a factory reset, because the sulkiness is continuing. It rebooted while I was writing this :Sad_face:


I'll drop into a Voda store, but I don't have much hope in that direction.  


Please share any suggestions you may have for a fix. 

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17: Community Champion

I'm not convinced a Factory Reset after a back up would help in regards to the imei number but it's worth a shot. 

I'm thinking you'll end up having to send it off via a Vodafone Store for flashing. 

Rooting wouldn't help either as this just allows access to the phones core files and even putting a custom Rom onto it probably won't help. 

The phone is covered by a 24 Month Manufacturing Warranty as long as it shows no signs of being dropped and none of the water sensors have not been tripped. 

Take time and date stamped pictures of the phone to show it's aesthetic condition before sending it off. 

Create back ups too. 

Current Phone > Samsung Note 20 5G - SM9860 Snapdragon.

Samsung One Ui 2.5  / Android 10.

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4: Newbie

Well, it's fixed itself! After a series of spontaneous reboots, the IMEI is back.


The factory reset (which I haven't done) was because of the multiple reboots and related problems, not because I expected it to fix it. But it hasn't rebooted since the IMEI returned, so that may be unnecessary.


As for rooting, there are numerous apps for and guides to changing your IMEI, but most of them require a rooted device 


The phone is well out of warranty, cheap, a little beat up and no longer supported by its manufacturer so sending it out for repair is not sensible. I suspect flashing would help, though.



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4: Newbie

That's it.  I'm calling it.  Time of death, 21.00 20 June, 2018.


Factory resets didn't help, problems got worse and worse.  The IMEI kept appearing and disappearing, but even when it was there, the phone wouldn't recognise the SIM*.  It rebooted itself hourly and and after each reboot wifi took about 5 minutes to start.  And that was about the only function of the phone that did - no mobile network services worked, bt was intermittent, speaker and microphone did nothing.  It would just spin for ever if I tried to shut it down, so the only way to restart was to hold the power button down for 20 seconds and the only way to shut it down was via the recover menu.  Then finally when I wanted directions to a map I had saved off line, I found that even though location was on, it couldn't see the satellites.  That was directions to a shop where I was going to get a hands with my potential next phone.  When I had to go up to a stranger and ask for directions, like someone sort of 20th century cave person, I knew it was time to move on. 


Very happy so far with my moto g6 play.  


Vale Vodafone.  I did love my little handset, and just calculated that the cost of ownership was around 3.75/month, so I am not complaining.  Thanks for the support on here, and bouquets for the store in Richmond for their valiant attempts to help, and brick bats to the alleged "repair hub" in Kingston "we only do  screens and batteries". 


Before I dispose of it, doesn't anyone want the husk for parts?  It currently has a decent battery, the screen is in good order (I think, it's under a cracked protector), and it still boots and runs for about an hour at a time.  It would be postage only. 


*it must have rebooted 40 times in it's last few days, and every time it didn't connect to the network, except once, when it booted and I saw the battery was extremely low, plugged it in a second too late.  As it tried to shutdown, I could see it connected to the phone network for one last time.  It didn't happen again. 


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