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Updated to Marshmallow, internal storage issue

3: Seeker
I updated to android Marshmallow yesterday, however I have now been having an issue with internal storage, with an incorrect amount showing.
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17: Community Champion




Which phone model are you using?


What are the size of the discrepancy ?


When did you upgrade? I ask as the phone can take a few days to settle after it indexes. 


Try turning it off and on to soft reboot it. 


Although a last resort if this was my situation id do a back up and perform a factory reset. 


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17: Community Champion

Hi @Forhad


After any major update, it is always recommended to do a factory reset.  This clears out anything remaining on the previous software and clear any bugs.


Providing you have backed up, your applications and other content will automatically be restored.


The reset should sort this out for you, but if there are still issues, please come back to the forum.

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17: Community Champion

I've done several updates without the need for a reset and I'd say it's no longer a routine requirement and only necessary if there are serious performance issues.


As Lee says, it would be helpful to know more about the discrepancy.  If you go into Setting|Storage, do the used and free figures add up to the total of the device (bearing in mind that some goes in the formatting process - my 64gb sd card only has 58gb of usable storage, for instance)?

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3: Seeker
Hi all thank you for the replies.

Just a bit of background info.

My phone is the Vodafone Smart Ultra 6.

My phone shows 10.61gb of space used up while adding up the subsections gives 10.15gb which is what the real figure should be.

I updated my phone yesterday, and the amount of storage displayed yesterday was fine, only in the morning has the issue arisen.

I have tried restarting and shutting down the phone but it hasnt fixed the issue.

And Hrym with regards to useable storage 11.16gb of 16gb is shown as the useable storage.
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I've sent you a private message with details on how to get in touch.


For anyone else with the same issue, try the steps listed here and if you’re still affected, contact customer service.


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17: Community Champion

11.16 of 16gb usable sounds about right for the total less the operating system and any files/apps you've added yourself.


In Settings|Storage, you should see the total space on the device and also the space used and the space remaining.   The last two should add up to the first one (ie, say 6gb used + 10gb remaining = 16gb total), less the formatting overhead.

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