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Updated to Oreo - now no DTMF tones

2: Seeker

Hi All - The Oreo update installed to my Galaxy S7.


Since then I have no DTMF tones at all - so I cant call any number which uses a menu system  (choose 1 for - choose 2 for etc etc)


Just spent a half hour in chat this evening - most of that time waiting for the guy to get into my account, what for I dont know.


So he took me through my phone menus - and got to the page where he reckoned I can choose DTMF tones, but - surprise surprise - that option is not there.   I had already told him this.....


So - basically he couldnt help - and said it is Samsungs fault - get in touch with them.

I said - no - Vodafone should sort this out as they sort out the software - my phone came full of Vodafone branded software.


Needless to say he couldnt offer any help apart from contact Samsung.


I think Samsung are going to tell me to go back to Vodafone as I have a Vodafone branded phone.


Anyone have any ideas on how to get my tones back?  





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17: Community Champion

Hi @thisismyname


Can I ask you to insert your SIM card in another phone as a process of elimination to see if there tones work again to rule out anything to do with your Vodafone Account or SIM Card. 

If they do work on another phone then if this was my situation I would follow these avenues. 


1st option. 

Clear the phones system cache files. This is achieved by turning the phone Off and then from a set series of button presses will take you into the System File Cache clear those files. 

If no resolution.  :Sad_face:

2nd option. 

Back up and Factory Reset. 

Remove any Sd Card before Factory Resetting. 


Vodafone test firmware before they allow it's release onto their Branded phones so in my opinion and because they are the seller / provider of the phone they are responsible for helping you. 


That said, Samsung are pretty good at wanting to help so a Samsung Service Centre or Samsung Experience Store I'm sure will take a look for you. 

Samsung Support Service-Centre.

Current Phone > Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G - SM9860 Snapdragon.

Samsung One Ui 3.1  / Android 11.

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