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Using phone as mobile hotspot with PS4 please please help

1: Seeker

Hi guys im hoping someone in here can help me.  I have a galaxy note five through boost mobile although its a sprint phone that was converted.  I recently changed my apn or vpn whatever to bypass my hot spot limit which works great for my pc and other devices but now gives a nat 3 on my ps4.  Im at my wits end trying to figure out what to do ive already tried the and thing to no avail as well as internet sharing through the pc.  If any of you know of a solution I and my son would really really appreciate it!!!

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17: Community Champion

Hi @dfsbachelor


As this is the Community Forum for Vodafone U.K I dont think much can be done to help you here. 

Using tethering this way I would imagine is going to use a massive amount of data. 

As your possibly circumventing your Networks guidelines / T&C's to bypass your limit you do run the risk of being caught up with and action taken so be careful.

Take care.  

Current Phone >

Samsung Galaxy s²² Ultra 256gb.


Secondary Phone >

Samsung Z Fold³ 256gb.

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2: Seeker

First you don't want to. Anything you need to do online on a ps4 will be slow and painful. Do you have unlimited data? If not it will be slow, painful, AND expensive. You use your phone to set up a local wireless network. Most phones will have it under settings if its able.


Unless you're downloading games and patches, this is untrue. Playing a game online doesn't use up much phone data at all. That's how I play my games online.

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1: Seeker

Ya i have unlimited data

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