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Vodafone N8 Overheating and the screen is too dry.

2: Seeker

1. I just got the phone brand new and when I do simple tasks like staying on Instagram or using YouTube , or simple apps from the system like camera or Google , please help is heating so much I cantc even hold it sometimes , 2. When I just got it out of the box the screen feels soooo dry and scratchy , I compared it to my old phone and my old phone had smooth and glossy glass , but this on the Vodafine N8 look and feels so dry help please , I try everything on the screen but nothing works I am forced to buy a screen protector to get a good fell on my phone ??? Help

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17: Community Champion



If you have only just purchased the phone direct from Vodafone return the phone and ask for a replacement. There is further information on returning a faulty product here : How to return a product

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