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Vodafone Smart N8 Camera

2: Seeker

Hi, the camera on my vodafone smart N8 has stopped working.  It goes to a black screen for a few seconds then straight back to the home screen.  I tried the on-line chat today who wanted to talk me through a factory reset, but it was working fine so I don't understand why it needs that.  My other option was to visit a technician in a local store, which I did, but he's on holiday until next week!   Is a factory reset my only option?  I've checked camera settings, cleared cached and cleared photos out.  Hoping someone can help, thanks. 

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17: Community Champion

Usually clearing the apps cache and data works @CarrieM11

That or look for any available app update and ensure enough internal storage is available in the phone too. 

A factory reset is a last resort which takes the phone back to it's last firmware update. 

It's crucial that a back up is created beforehand. 


A Vodafone High Street Store can send the phone away to be looked at under the Manufacturing Warranty as long as the phone hasn't been dropped or water has got into the phone. 

Current Phone > Samsung Note 20 5G - SM9860 Snapdragon.

Samsung One Ui 2.5  / Android 10.

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