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Vodafone Smart Prime 7 stuck at charging screen

2: Seeker

My battery in the phone died, so i plugged it into the charger normally, but when i plugged it, it showed the classic charging screen, after some time i saw that it is still on same screen, which i didnt understand, so i unplugged it and it was still at the same  (even with red light) when i took off the charger. Can someone help me? I need the phone and it is not working (sending some photos) i know that my phone is littlebit cracked (i break it on a scooter) but it is like this for year and half and still worked till today.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @Scooternate21 


Can you power down the phone and then turn it back on to see what happens please.


Perhaps try another charger.


My rule of thumb is to not let my phones battery drop below 10% as a phones battery can then take some time to recover if its allowed to go to 0% and auto turn Off.


If the battery charge was at a good level and then just died then this points to other issues possibly from the damage sustained.


f you get into the phone a factory reset may help but unfortunately that would delete your personal info. This would only help with software issues however.


This is where I normally advise Vodafone apply a 2 year manufacturer's warranty on the phone.


But unfortunately as it has obvious damage from a drop Vodafone would typically apply a charge to look and repair it. A Vodafone Highstreet Store can send it off.


Take time and date stamped pictures of the phone to show its aesthetic condition including the current damage.


Even though they typically perform a firmware flash on phones which helps in most cases they may need to get inside the phone and the current damage wouldn't possibly hold upto the work by the engineer hence a charge.


Also sometimes a drop of the phone either results initially in a crack or even no external damage but over time this could have affected the internals which then can present issues in time.


Having the work carried out by Vodafone would preserve your phones warranty status.


Other options could be a shop that advertises they repair phones but then your warranty would be voided,  or check any Household Contents insurance or some Bank accounts provide mobile phone cover as a perk of the account.


T&C's and Excess Fee's would need to be checked.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @Scooternate21 


I really hate to say it but it sounds like you will be looking for a new phone and the cracked screen is probably the cause of the trouble. The screen providides stability and it's likely the Mother Board and circultry have been damaged for some time since the accident on your scooter.


It's unlikely this will be done under warranty (even if the phone is still in the warranty period) due to the accidental damage.  Take the phone into a Vodafone Store and they will give further advise.

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17: Community Champion

If you've allowed the battery to go completely flat, it may take several hours to even start charging.   If you haven't already, leave the phone plugged in for as long as you can (but not completely unattended, just in case it overheats) and see what happens.    If it still won't charge then, yes, I fear a replacement may be on the cards.

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