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Vodafone Smart Ultra 6 - Aux Fix

2: Seeker

I found a fix that worked to solve the issue of the AUX port not working on my VF Smart Ultra 6 with the recent update.  Heaphones always worked without issue but when connecting a 3.5mm cable to my Kitchen speaker or Car AUX for handsfree it has not worked since the update.


So I tried a few things...but this is the only thing that worked...

-I bought a 3.5mm headphone splitter from ebay for just over a quid delivered (google/ebay this item, there are loads)

-I put the splitter in my phone, connected the 3.5mm cable up and sorted, back to a working phone again!


For some people this is no big deal, but for someone who always has their phone hooked up to a speaker likeme it was vital I found a fix!


Hope this helps some people...

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