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Vodafone Smart Ultra 6 - Media Nav Connection

1: Seeker

Can anybody help with this. My Vodafone Smart 6 used to automatically connect to my car automatically by bluetooth. However since update to android Marshmallow it connects for all of 5 seconds before disconnecting. I have tried removing the bluetooth connections, factory reset etc, but nothing changes. The quirky thing is that my phone will connect to other bluetooth devices and car audio systems with no trouble. Likewise other phones can connect to my Renault media Nav system. Essentially it seems my phone just won't connect wirelessly to my own car only. My phone is running android marshmallow and my Renault Media Nav is on the latest software. Does anybody have any idea as to how I can resolve this issue?



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@greylegend We'd like to take a look into this for you. 


I've now raised this with our specialist team. Once we recieve further information, we'll update this thread.

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@greylegend We've taken a look into this for you.


As you've mentioned that you've tested the connection with other devices and were able to connect successfully, it does appear that the device is no longer compatible with your car. You can raise this with the car manufacturer to see if there are any plans to resolve this for you.

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17: Community Champion

I know this is absolutely no help at all, but I have a Renault and an HTC which has run both Marshmallow and Nougat.   It has always connected successfully, which suggests there isn't a compatibility with the car.   As a matter of interest, have you tried deletign the BT pairing at both ends and re-making it?

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