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Vodafone Super Night removed

1: Seeker

I have recently tried recharging the super night pack of Rs.24 which gives you free internet from around 1 at night till 5 or 6 the next morning. But instead I got V2V free minutes. When i contacted them via mail i was informed they have removed this pack permanently. I was i good pack as it helped people like us download good amount of data at night as no other provider provides such amount of data without capping. I usually got t9 download around 35 to 45 GB of data per night at around 2 to 3 mbps speed. Am highly disappointed at Voda for removing such a good plan, the only reason why i was using Voda sim. They still do have 1 hr ppan of rs 16 but recharging every hour is a hassle also it get expensive. Wish they would bring back super night.

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17: Community Champion

Hello @Darryncosta


May I assume your a Vodafone India Customer. 

If so I would suggest posting on Vodafone India's Community Forum as this forum is for UK Vodafone users and as such even tho both networks use the Vodafone Name they are not linked.

I hope the pack that suited your needs so well or something similar is re introduced in time.


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