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Vodafone X9 Widget size

4: Newbie

I want to increase the size of widgets on my X9 as they are currently very small  - there is the option to do this in settings , but whatever size I set them at , they stay the same size and do not change .

Anybody got any ideas !


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@blackshuck It's unusual to hear the re-sizing isn't working when you change it on your phone. Are you running the latest software? If so, please pop into your nearest Vodafone store. Our advisers there will be happy to take a look at your phone and check the settings 😊

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4: Newbie

Hi Colleen

I'm running Android 8.1.0 ( Oreo ? )

Thanks for the advice - I'll call in to a store when I get the chance & get it checked out 

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4: Newbie

I called in to my nearest Vodafone store today & checked this issue out - the assistant couldn't really offer any help & said she didn't think the size was adjustable , though if that's the case , why is there the option in settings to do it ....?


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4: Newbie

OK - been checking this out on Google & think I've found a way to do it ( up to a point ) .

Go into Settings > System >About phone

Tap " Build N° " until

" developer now " notification appears .

Go back into Settings > System > Developer options .

Scroll down list until you find

" Smallest width " setting in the 

" Drawing " section .

You will be shown a default DPI value - note it down so you can return to it if required .

Now if you drop the DP value , content size ( including icon size ) will be increased - increasing the DP value should reduce the content size .

My default DPI was 360 - the minimum I could reduce it to was 320 - but my widgets are noticeably bigger .

Please note though - if you do start changing things in the 

" Developer options " section - it has to be at your own risk - I'm only saying what seems to have worked for me !

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