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Vodafone X9 - can't store music on SD card ?

4: Newbie

Hi all ......

Another issue with my recently purchased X9 ........

Trying to synch the downloaded music library  on my PC on to the  installed 64GB SD card in my X9 and having problems .

Been into Google Play Music settings , but when I try to change storage from internal to SD card , the app just stops ...

Have tried stopping the app & reinstalling - also ejecting / remounting & formatting the SD card , but it's still the same .

Music will synch into the internal memory fine .......

Switched the camera to SD card storage OK .......

Luckily the 32GB internal memory gives me a bit of space to play with , but if you now can't store apps or music on the SD card , then what's the point of giving you the option to install one !!!

Why does the Google Play Music app stop when I try to change the storage setting ?

Have sent feedback to Google on this ......

Anyone else come across this issue ?

All suggestions much appreciated !!!

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17: Community Champion

Some phones can struggle or don't allow the storage of spme Apps onto a Sd Card @blackshuck but music as long as it's in the right format should.

User experience can also depend on the speeds and make of Sd Card.

As a process of elimination does the Sd Card work Ok in another phone  ?


Current Phone > Samsung Note 9 _512Gb > Model: SM-N960 Hybrid-Duos.


Samsung Gear s3 Frontier Watch.

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4: Newbie

Hi B of B

Haven't got another phone handy , but I put the SD in a card reader & plugged it into my PC - loads music files fine 

( just wouldn't when actually mounted in the phone ... )

Tried changing Play Music app storage settings again , but app still stops as soon as I try to select SD storage ....

Doesn't seem to make any difference if card is formatted or not ( I only have the option to use as portable storage ) .

So doesn't seem to be an issue with the SD card as such ???

Camera still accepts it as storage & phone does seem to recognise it .

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17: Community Champion

Very odd.   What happens if you use the file manager app to copy music to the card?   Does Play Music then recognise it?

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4: Newbie

Play Music app still stops whenever I try to switch storage setting from internal to external SD card - although Google Play Movies & TV app lets me do this no problem .....?

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17: Community Champion

I don't use the Play Music app, so haven't altered the default settings.   However, if I open it, it lists music stored on my SD card.   What I'm therefore wondering is, if you put some there by other means, will yours do the same?

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