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Vodaphone Smart Ultra 6

1: Seeker

My Vodaphone VFD 200 smartphone cannot get past the opening screen. It switches itself on and then after about 2 seconds switches itself off. It does this continuously. I cannot even do a hard reset. Any suggestions?

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17: Community Champion

Hi @rpatel


You have a faulty device, from what you have written, it sounds like a Motherboard fault. Follow the repairs process on the support link below and take the phone into a Vodafone store to be sent for repair. 


Support - Repairs


You have a 24 month warranty on the device.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @rpatel


Because you cannot navigate into the phones settings to carry out a Factory Reset then perhaps try a Hard Reset via a set of button pressess while the phone is turned Off. 

The below link explains how to do this as the 1st method. 

Please be aware this type of reset will delete your information on the phone. 


If this does not work then as long as your phone shows no sign of damage caused by a drop ie scuffs or screen cracks, and or none of the water sensors have been tripped (a visible one is usually in the sim card tray) and you have not rooted or put a Custom Rom on the phone then a Vodafone High street Store can assess and send it away under the 24 Month Manufacturing Warranty. 

Take time and date stamped pictures of the phone to prove its aesthetic condition and one of it turned On and one of any visible water sensors,  and ask the member of staff to note its condition on their systems. 

Lots of support info in Vodafone Repairs.

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