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Wi-Fi Calling

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

It seems like WiFi calling will work on all iPhones whether bought from Vodafone or not. But the other Android phones on the list of compliant phones have to be bought from Vodafone. I have tried a Motorola G7 Power - not on the list and doesn't work however I try the methodology or hacks. So bought a Sony L4 - it's on the list - but you can't just buy a phone alone from Voda so got one from Amazon.  It doesn't work whatever way you try.  So do none of the Android phones work with Wi-Fi Calling if you don't have a phone contract?  Is iPhone the only option I can take?


Moderator (Retired)
Moderator (Retired)

Are far as I am aware, that is correct @ChrisDowning. In order for the Wi-Fi calling feature to work on our network, the device would need to have been purchased directly from us. We wouldn't be able to guarantee the same on a phone purchased from third parties unfortunately.  

Please could I double  check this.


I own a new Samsung S20 which was purchased from Samsung as Vodafone would not sell me this phone on a sim only contract. I have a sim only Vodafone contract which says wi fi has been enabled but there is no wi fi option in the phone settings menu. There is no mobile signal where I live and up to now I have been using a Sure Signal but that is being discontinued so I cant use the phone at home.


Is it correct that my new S20 cant use Vodafone wi fi calling? If that is the case I will have to leave Vodafone


Only phones bought directly from us are likely to support the WiFi calling feature. We are currently working with the manufacturers to allow the feature to be enabled on devices that have been purchased with the manufacturer.

We would recommend that you follow the guide on our website here to see if your phone is compatible 🙂


I am pleased to say that Wi Fi calling has now been added to my S 20 FE menu by your technical team so it is possible to have wi fi calling added to a phone that was not purchased from Vodafone

That's great to hear @bobfair and thanks for the update 👍

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

Most phones nowadays do not need to be bought from Vodafone to support wifi calling.

It's a shame that Vodafone staff repeat this misinformation so often to encourage sales.

There's very little reason to buy a handset from a network, especially as CPI+ price rises should not be part of the "handset" part, but they are getting away with it, for now.

17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

WiFi calling with Vodafone has always been a bit hit and miss and not as good as the offering from other networks. One of the advantages of having an Apple product, is that networks are not allowed to meddle with them at all. So all iPhones are the same no matter where you source them from. Vodafone will tell you that they cannot guarantee that a phone bought from a third party will work with their systems, but of course they probably will, A close friend of mine has a new Android phone but no signal at all at home. His Sure Signal has been switched off and he didn't realise for a while that WiFi calling didn't support SMS's on his phone. Not good at all from Vodafone and another reason to sue data based messaging services rather than old fashioned texts, although a lot of websites require a code sent by text to authorise their login, including Vodafone.



My S20+ bought from Germany works fine. You have to enable it in two places. 1. In the pull down menu. 2. Then in the dialer

17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

I'm in a very similar situation, with regard to phone brands.   My Moto G8+ doesn't get wifi calling, in spite of one other model in the range (which is available from Vodafone) doing so.   Given that Motorola run pretty much pure Android and the operating systems being unlikely to be different, I can't see any technical reason why all G8's shouldn't be compatible.

My wife has a Sony L3, bought SIM-free from Argos and this worked straight out of the box.   AFAIK the L4 is also on the list and I'd assume that it would work as well.   You say you bought yours from Amazon - was this actually from Amazon or on Marketplace?   I was just wondering whether it's perhaps not a full UK model and that this might affect things.