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broken glass

4: Newbie

Hello my 3 year old son dropped my Moto Z2 play and the glass is smashed screen still working though.

Is this covered by warranty or can you tell me how much it would cost. I was going take it into Vodafone this weekend anyway as I had the problem of my phone keeps switching it self off and got told that Vodafone could update the software to stop this happening. 

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17: Community Champion

Hi @young007


You won't be able to claim for a warranty repair, that is only for manufacturing defects.  The store will be able to give an approximate price for the screen replacement and advise on your software issue.


For the screen replacement, a third party repairer may be a cheaper option, I know our local Timpson's in Sainsbury's does screen repairs.





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17: Community Champion

Hi @young007


Vodafone won't be able to remedy the turning off issue until they have secured authorisation from you to pay for the repair to the screen i'm afraid. 

A 3rd party shop is an option but if there not authorised engineers any remaining warranty will be voided if you allow them to work on the phone. 

If the damage isn't too bad then if you can remedy the other issue possibly via backing up and Factory Resetting the phone then a glass screen protector could hide the damage so you can carry on using the phone until your upgrade date or look at Vodafone Flexi Upgrade. 

If you have Home Contents Insurance you may be covered that way. 

Or some Bank Accounts offer mobile phone cover as a perk of the account. 

Terms and Conditions and excess fee's would most likely apply. 

Or Sell the phone on and use any funds accrued to purchase either a new phone or one from shops such as CEX. 

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17: Community Champion

Hi @young007


Not sure about Motorola, you will need to check your warranty Terms and Conditions, but if you were taking an Apple product into a third party repairer for a screen replacement, it would not void the warranty.


As far as making an insurance claim is concered, you are expected to take reasonable care of the device. Unless you have other insurance for accidental damage as far as trying to claim on household insurance, this may be something you may want to think twice about.


You may be better contacting Motorola direct they will be able to access the phone for the software problem and providing it was not caused by dropping the phone, give the best advise for arranging a repair. The information for Motorola support can be found here:  Motorola Support

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