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browser vodafone start page in chrome - cant get rid of this piece of crap, please help.

2: Seeker

every time i start chrome it defaults to the [Removed]  vodafone page, i've tried everything to remove this to no avail, i'm close to putting a hammer through the effing screen.


So far ive tried:

 - change the home page in chrome - this should work but some ##~## app somewhere by voda is taking over this, how dare you voda.


- wiped chrome data settings completely

 - uninstalled chrome app and wiped.

- disabled the vodafone app


Sure this has only started recently.


[MOD EDIT: This post has been edited to remove inappropriate content please see Community Guidelines]

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2: Seeker

it blood - how dare you force adverts on my when i'm paying already !!!!

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2: Seeker

I had to contact support where they forced out a service update, I then had to remove my SIM for 30 mins, seems to have fixed it for now.


I'm guessing they have sent this out on purpose and are only fixing for those people who can be bothered to complain, disgusting behaviour by Voda, I will be thinking very carefully about renewing with them if they think this is in any way acceptable.

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