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"My Phone Number"

2: Seeker

Hello everyone,


I'd be grateful for any help anyone could provide on this matter. In settings, under "SIM Status" there is a section marked "My Phone Number". It currently reads "unknown". I understand that the phone is supposed to automatically extract this information from the SIM card. In this instance it appears to be failing to do. I know my own telephone number, but I understand that if the phone did automatically extract my number then this might enable features like autocomplete.


The data does seem to be on the SIM card as the SIM manager app is able to extract it. My phone is an Android type, running version 8.1


Any help fixing this would be appreciated.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @Theredtie


I understand you have a phone powered by Android Oreo but which phone model is it ?

Have you ported to Vodafone from another network bringing your number with you ?

As a process of elimination can you insert your SIM card in another phone to see if things change. 

If you launch your contacts app is there a place on there for your info under a banner similar to 'ME' 

If so is your number in there or if not can you edit it and input it. 

This may / may not help. 

I've had phones before where it hasn't read the number from the SIM card without any negative impact. Have you experienced any ?

Current Phone  >

Samsung Galaxy s²² Ultra 256gb Phantom Black.



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2: Seeker

Hello BandofBrothers, thank you for your response.


In answer to your questions, my phone model is a Google Pixel 2; I have not ported my number in, this a brand new number associated with a brand new contract; I will borrow a phone and test the SIM card on it as you suggest; and the new version of the contacts app does not appear to have any facillity for putting in one's own number. 


I don't think there should be any drastic implications of the phone not recognising the number on the SIM card, but I think it will preclude me for making use of number of helpful features. I'll live, but having just bought a new phone I was rather hoping that things would be seemless!


Many thanks  





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@Theredtie Please let us know how you get on when you try your SIM in another phone 😊 

If the issue persists we'll do our best to find out why this may be happening. 

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