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£10 freebie not unlimited texts

2: Seeker

I changed from pay monthly to pay as you go. Wanted the £10 freedom freebie, unlimited text was told not a problem. Waited until it changed over. Rang to get freebie for £10 and no sign of unlimited texts. Rang customer services. Told top up the £10 and then try (no luck). Rang back and told I was on a different system and what to do to change over. Also told there was a fault and it would be reported and sorted. Told it would happen in a few days (after the end of the month) and I would automatically get the unlimited texts. So chose the £10 freebie and got 300 text. Now the 4th October and text all gone and no credit left. Rang again first person said different system and transferred me, second person said there is a fault, I will call you back either today or tomorrow. No call!!!!!

I have spoken or live chatted to about 5 people in all. I understand I am between two systems. I understand there may have been a fault. I don't understand why I am left to keep trying to get this sorted. Think it would be better to use another provider. Vodafone do not have a very good customer service!!!!

Your thoughts please
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Moderator (Retired)

Hi Ghostwoody,


We'll be happy to take a closer look and see what's happening.


Click here to get us your details.



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2: Seeker
I have filled in the details and had a reply from someone saying the freebie is not unlimited it is 3000 texts and I have used them!!!!L how is this possible when I had the freebie on 26.09 and it was 300 texts and when they were used up, I have been unable to text since and now it is 7th oct? Don't know how they think someone can use 3000 texts in under 10 days. Also I was told the phone had a fault and it would be checked and I would be called back. No call!!! Been hanging on to customer services for 25 mins so far and still waiting. I have a mobile I can't text on but the system says unlimited text. Clearly a fault!!!!
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2: Seeker

I have done this!!!!!! THIS IS WHAT I GOT BACK

Thanks for your email.

I can see that you had received 3000 texts and not 300. In unlimited text the customers receive only 3000 text and not unlimited.

Also all the 3000 texts have been used up.

Your understanding is appreciated.


Jagruti (surname removed)
Vodafone Customer Services

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Hi Ghostwoody


I'm sorry to see your issue is still ongoing. We have your reply we'll take another look at this and get back to you.





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