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Add more data after Data Test Drive Question?

2: Seeker

Just got a text message from Vodafone saying i can add an extra 1GB of data for an extra £10 per month. I was wondering if i add the data by sending "ACCEPT" to the number given on the text. Would i be able to cancel the extra data at any point or would i be stuck paying an extra £10 per month untill my contract runs out. Also is there any other data options i could add instead of 1GB such as an extra 500MB for lets say £5 im guessing as this would be my prefered choice of data i wish to add. Thanks Smiley Happy

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2: Seeker

I dont think its us using the data, more like its apple or vodafone. 


Just saying.Smiley Very Happy

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Hi L_Swifty


Thank you for your query as this I am sure is a question many people will have.


If you 'ACCEPT' the additional service this can be removed at anytime just by giving us 30 days notice.


You also mention the additional 500MB option, currently if you exceed your data allowance you will automatically be given an additional 250MB of data allowance for £5 to use for the remainder of your billing cycle, if you exceed this then another 250MB will be added at the same cost and this will continue until your data allowance is refreshed.


If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to post.


Many Thanks



eforum Team

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4: Newbie

If Vodafone offer 1GB for £10, why not offer 500MB for £5 after the data test drive??

My guess is that everyone uses around 750MB per month on their iphone with normal use, which costs an extra £5 per month, I bet if everyone was asked what they would like, they would opt for an additional 500MB, this is just Vodafone trying to screw an extra money from everyone for something they don't need. The fact that they don't offer 500MB for £5 would say that I'm correct, which would mean that like for like there are better providers out there, which offer an unlimited service for less than Vodafone charge for 750MB. I would be interested to hear people's thoughts on my opinion? It just make me so cross that Vodafone want to charge 25% extra PM on their monthly contracts and they act like they are looking after our best interest. I for one would have gone elsewhere if I had known Vodafone were going to charge £10 for an extra 1GB  and wouldn't even offer me the 500MB that "data test drive" indicated I would require. I hope I'm wrong about this and Vodafone offer what I require for a reasonable cost PM.

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16: Advanced member

They do give an extra 500MB for £5 if you get a pack according to this page

It also includes 100 picture messages.

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4: Newbie

I got a text from them which said I can add 250MB for £3 per month. So there are definitely other options.

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