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BT Openzone and the lack of knowledge by support!!

2: Seeker

I'm having exactly the same problems as previous customers of the same topic. Its appauling the service provided. I have 7 items with Vodafone and classed as a business customer. I have a online account which I personally check all the time and I simply cannot log in to take advantage of the BT Openzone Allowance on THREE!!!!! Dongles with Vodafone.


I've been pulled from pillow to post with phone calls, store advisors and technical people. I've even Phoned BT themselves and they cannot help as it's all down to Vodafone.


I have 3 good connections around me, everyone of them goes to the BTFON page with the options of logging in via BT broadband, BTopenzone and BTFON. No one at Vodafone seems to understand that "I HAVEN'T GOT A DROPDOWN MENU ON THE RIGHT HAND SIDE TO SELECT VODAFONE!!!"


Somebody for the love of god, please help on here and tell me what's going on!!!


Proper Mad!


Mick Shaw

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Moderator (Retired)

Hi mickshaw


Thanks for your post. To keep all of the information in one thread I've blocked new replies to this post purely as it will help other members of the community and our team to assist much more efficiently.


One of the team will along to answer on your other post as soon as we can.





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