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Can not send text messages

2: Seeker


Just got a Sony Ericsson Neo. I can receive text messages, but I can't send them.

Had a bit of a google and found the problem, I don't have a number in my SMSC box.

I followed the steps:

1. open dialler and dial *#*#4636#*#*

2. Select phone information from the menu that appears

3. Scroll down to SMSC

4. Enter the SMS centre number, which for vodafone uk is +447785016005

5. Select Update


But all I get is update error.

Am I using the wrong number?

I have text messages from Vodafone to set my MMS and Internet settings, but not my SMS.

Can anyone help?



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2: Seeker

Or has anyone else got a Neo on Vodafone and can follow up to step 3 and tell me what is in there SMSC box, ta

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Moderator (Retired)

Hi kathry33


Welcome to the eForum!

I can confirm that is the right SMSC (or message centre number as otherwise known as)   Have you tried putting the number in without the +44, so it becomes 07785016005? 

I don’t have access to a Neo at the moment however I have checked on a few Sony Ericsson phones and can confirm this is the correct number. 


Have you tried the SIM in a different phone to make sure it’s not the phone or the SIM causing this error? I would also suggest a factory reset to see if this resolves the problem. 


To factory reset:


Press the Menu key

Tap Settings
Scroll down to and tap Privacy
Tap Factory data reset
Tap the Erase SD card check box
Tap Reset phone
Tap Erase everything.



eForum Team 


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1: Seeker

The reason for why we've hidden the information about the SMS centre number is because you should not have to enter this yourself in this phone model (or any other Android phone from us.).
This information should be read from the network via the SIM card so you never should have to worry about it yourself.

I suggest you ask one of your friends who's also using Vodafone to borrow his/her SIM card and then put it in your phone and try to send a text message. If this won't help I suggest you contact the UK support office on phone number 08705 237 237. They should be able to provide some more thorough troubleshooting and further guidance.

Hope this helps!

Sony Ericsson Answers Team
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4: Newbie
I had problems texting and recieving and cant ring out or no one can ring me this been happening since thursday i rang them up saturday told me to put phone on 2g and works. Tempary for 24 hours if not i ring them back well its 24 hours guess what still not working . So its not ur phone . Did work in certain areas but not at home but now set to 2g it works at home
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4: Newbie
Its the network nothing to do with phone or sim i been there did nothing
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Moderator (Retired)

Hi @lisasam 


Please try the steps in our Network Troubleshooting thread.


If you are still experiencing the issue after completing these steps, post the template with your answers here and I'll have a member of the team get back to you ASAP.




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