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Cheapest way to get IPhone 4S

4: Newbie

Hi All,


I thought it would be useful to hilight some of the cheaper options of how to get an iphone 4s and call plan!


So far the cheapest I can see is Giff Gaff.


Buy Iphone Outright - £499

250 Uk mins, Unlimited texts and unlimited browsing £10/ month - NO CONTRACT


= over 24 months £739 (not including cashback and bonus rewards offered by giffgaff!)


Purchase Iphone 4s with cashback credit card, or possibly from tesco (if they ever get it) get reward points etc!


Vodafones cheapest contract


- £359 For the handset

100 Uk mins 500 texts 250MB browsing - £26/month- - 24 MONTH CONTRACT


= over 24months £983


Vodafones comparable price plan to the giff gaff deal


- £259 For the handset

300 Uk mins unlimited texts 500MB browsing - £31/month- - 24 MONTH CONTRACT


= over 24 months £1003


If i have done my sums correctly!


About £250 over 2 years, plus being tied into a contract!


I know what I'll be doing in december when my contract runs out!! unless VF can offer me a deal that is cheaper! I'm very brand loyal when im left with more money in my pocket!


Feel free to post any other good deals in this post!


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Community Champion (Retired)

On the VF deal you quote as:

- £259 For the handset

300 Uk mins unlimited texts 500MB browsing - £31/month- - 24 MONTH CONTRACT

= over 24 months £1003


That call plan is available on a monthly sim only for around £11 a month so over 24 months that is £264.


Knock that off the £1003 contract deal you quote and that leaves you £739.


So the best option is to go sim only, buy your own phone and for the £739 you can get the top of the range 4s

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4: Newbie

Yeah good point to go with a VF sim only plan,


however the deal still doesnt match the giff gaff one.Check the data usage on them, its very limited, and seems to be zero on thecheapest plans.


And of course the giff gaff budle is only a 30 day rolling contract!


So i still feel that that is the best solution.


Strange how VF can't compete on the sim only prices at all!

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13: Advanced Member
Also worth noting that Giff Gaff are utilising the O2 network

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4: Newbie

12-month contract @ £51/month. 1200 mins, unltd texts, 1GB internet. Total cost (over 12 months) £751. £59 credited to account for pre-ordering. £40 Quidco. Total cost, £652.


The cost is the same for all of the 12-month contracts, so it makes sense to go with the highest one. Far better deal than the 24 month contracts too.

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4: Newbie

Yeah works out well with the £99  cashback in essence.


The giffgaff deal though still works out better, by a small margin and has no contractual ties!


But its a very goof point satchef and well worth investigating!


perhaps the contract renewal team will be able to offer  a similar deal, since the quidco cashback offer and pre-order may not apply since im not willing to pre-order just yet!


Tesco mobile seem to be getting the iphone 4s too, which is interesting since clubcard points although not real cash could come into play, especially when they quadruple into vouchers which i use regularly!

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