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Crashing and Reboot Loop Since ICS Update

2: Seeker

On 3rd April I had a message saying that the update for ICS was availlable for my phone, so I downloaded and applied it.


After installing the update, the phone immediately froze before I could even unlock the screen and rebooted. After the reboot it froze again in the same place and this loop continued until I removed the battery, at which point I noticed that the area where the SD and SIM cards are was really hot!


After repeated attempts to get it to boot up, I eventually held down the Power and Vol - keys, and performed a factory reset from the boot menu.  This allowed me to get a bit futher, I managed to set the phone up and install a few apps, thinking it was working.  Then it started again!  I managed to get into the settings long enough to perform a Hard Reset from there, erasing my SD card at the same time to see if that made a difference.  After that all seemed to work ok.  The next day it worked fine all day and then crashed again in the evening.


Now it seems to crash and reboot loop every so often when i'm using it. After scouring the internet, i've found others have the same or similar problems, attributing them to the SD card, GPU and all sorts of other ideas.  I've tried changing and even removing the SD card completely, which makes no difference.


I have spoken to HTC and they told me to sent the phone back to Vodafone for repair, but surely this is a software issue that must be resolvable.  This it the 3rd handset I have had in 6 months, as the last 2 both suffered from the power button/screenshot issue and I have been realy happy with it as it was working perfectly before the update. I really do not want to be without a phone again!  I love the Sensation, but I'm getting to the point where enough is enough...


Can anyone help?

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Moderator (Retired)

Hi jselwood,


Thanks for your post here and welcome to the Vodafone eForum from all of the team.


From what you have said it sounds like the update has not been applied correctly and as a result it is causing the phone to crash, unfortunately the only way to fix this issue is to have the phone flashed and the update reapplied to it.


So we can do this we will need you to send the phone away for a free of charge repair where our engineers can then get this completed for you.


Please give this a go and let me know how you get on.




If you have any comments regarding how I have handled your query today, please complete our short feedback survey.

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2: Seeker

Hi James (Tech Team),


Thanks for your reply.  I phoned Vodafone tech support to sort this issue out, and they told me HTC could somehow re-flash the firmware over the phone and gave me their phone number.  I was very dubious but phoned them anyway to be told, unsurprisingly, that this was not possible.  However, they did guarantee to collect my phone, reflash it and return it within a few days, which they did and I've just recieved it back.  However, within 5 mins of turning it on, it crashed again!!!!!


I've tried it a few times now and it does it consistantly in any application that means the screen is on for a short while - playing a game is guaranteed to crash it within a few of minutes!


I have now reached the point where I have had enough! I need to know what Vodafone and HTC are going to do about this...and asking me to send it in for repair for a 4th time is not a good enough answer. I've taken out a contract with Vodafone which included a phone that is not fit for purpose in it's current state. I have received refurbished phones in replacement for handsets I have sent back, and they all seem to have the same or different faults on them, so the only solution that will give me confidence in my phone, is a brand new handset.  Even then, i'm still wondering whether I should have chosen the Samsung Galaxy S2 instead!


Sorry to rant, but I hope you can understand how frustrated I am...


Yours sincerely,



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Moderator (Retired)

Hi jselwood,


Many thanks for your post. I'm sorry to read that this has started happening again since HTC 'fixed' it.


I'm afraid the advice James has given is spot on and you'll need to return the handset to us for repair.


I wish there was more I could do for you.





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