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Current Vodafone Android version for Nexus One

2: Seeker

Hi all,


What is the current version that Vodafone have pushed out to their Nexus One users, and how can I upgrade to it (without rooting)?


I'm still on version 2.2, and it's beginning to get a little annoying when apps are running not brilliantly because my OS is out of date...


According to the phone, it's currently up to date (ie, when I go to the 'System updates' menu). I had a problem a while ago with it constantly asking for me to upgrade but not being able to; I realised the other day that I haven't had those messages coming through for ages now.


Android version: 2.2

Kernel version: haley@m4-dev #1

Build number: FRF91



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Moderator (Retired)

Hi fairysdad,


Thanks for your post here.


If the update hasn’t been pushed down to your device already can you try dialling *#*#2432546#*#* into your phone dialler. This forces your phone to communicate with the Google servers and if available, prompt the update to be pushed to your device.


If this doesn’t work then the remaining option would be to send the phone away for repair and have it re-flashed with the latest firmware (2.3.6)


To find out what you need to do in order to get this sorted take a look at our Vodafone Repairs Thread. This can be found here.






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