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Desire HD Location/Navigation

2: Seeker

When I am on the move my Desire HD constantly tries to go to navigation and produces an error message telling me to go to settings for GPS etc. It is quite intrusive and interrupts when trying to do anything else. I have tried turning off location services and would like to remove the location items in my apps but cannot seem to do so. I don't want to restore the factory settings if I can avoid it. I have also found a problem lately where the screen often stays on and does not time out. Can anyone help?

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2: Seeker

I am also having the same problems. I factory reset my phone and the same error occurs so don't bother resetting.

I can only Force Stop the Locations application but it starts back up again a short while later.

I contacted Vodafone Customer Service and they are checking my handset in for a repair - although I must add that the technical help line representative stated she didn't know much about phones. 


I have heard people talking about rooting the phone but I have been told this will invalidate its warranty.




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Moderator (Retired)

Hi davidgorringe and Neileo1


Welcome to the eForum to the two of you. I can appreciate how frustrating this problem must be for you.


I’ve searched the internet and can find no definitive fix for this at the moment so first of all, can you tell me if you have any apps running when this happens?


Have you tried force closing all running applications to see if you can find which one (if any) is causing the problem?


Have you tried performing a Hard reset (Power button + Volume down button)?


If non of these solutions work then the remaining option would be to send the phone away for a free warranty repair.


To find out what you need to do in order to get this sorted take a look at our Vodafone Repairs Thread. This can be found here.


Please let me know how you get on with this. If this is a problem that isn't fixed by any of the above, then I expect to see more posts on this.






If you have a spare minute could you please take the time to fill out a short feedback form about me?

You can do so here


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2: Seeker
Hi people. Are your phones on charge at the time? My phone has the same problem and I think that the phone is interpretting the charger as a car dock; hence navigation prompts, no screen timeout and for me, constant loudspeaker. A software problem perhaps but could be the charger port? Im not sure how the phone knows the difference between charger and car dock but id guess thats where the problem is...
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