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Dongle and mobile internet access for Samsung Tab 10.1

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I have a Samsung Tab 10.1 with WiFi only. I am keen to get some occasional internet access whilst commuting. I have read that there may be problems as the Samsung Tab USB port will not support high powered USB devices.  In fact there's no USB port 'per se' - Samsung in their wisdom dispensed with it and you have to connect USB devices via a dongle. I believe it was dispensed with in order to keep the device slightly thinner than an Ipad!


I've connected a USB stick with no problem.


A friend  lent me a Vodaphone dongle to try - not a UK version but one he'd purchased recently in Turkey. It's the same model that's available in the UK - the K3770. I've just tried to connect it and the Samsung Tab does not like it, and recognises it as a 'high power device' and proceeds no further. 


Can anybody assist as to whether the Samsung tab is capable of supporting an internet dongle?



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14: Advanced member

Can anybody assist as to whether the Samsung tab is capable of supporting an internet dongle?


I would have thought that, even if the device could be powered, it would fail for lack of driver support.


You would be better off with a "Mi-Fi" unit, to which you connect from the Galaxy Tab via Wi-Fi.

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2: Seeker

Hi there,

I was told in John Lewis the WiFi only Tab didn't support USB Broadband dongles, so I bought an unlocked MiFi. It also gave more flexibility I thought. This worked really well with the "3" data sim it came with, but I bought a Vodaphone data sim, as Vodaphone have masts on the site where I work, and I have Vodaphone PAYG phone. I've had real problems connecting with vodaphone sim, I even phoned Vodaphone support and searched this forum, but see many different APN details, ranging through;; pp.bundle.internet; pp.vodaphone.internet and others. If anyone can provide correct details for Vodaphone PAYG data sim I'd be grateful, otherwise I'll have to revert to "3" for my occasional Tab internet use. The moral? I guess it's buy a vodaphone MiFi, even though they are more expensive.......Smiley Frustrated

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5: Helper
I bought a Galaxy 10.1 tablet just before christmas but not having WiFi at home bought the one with 3g as well. To this end I went on to Amazon and found that they sold Three Network's data only SIMs for much less than you can get them for in a 3 shop. I have bought a number of 3G SIMs to last my partner for 3 months after which time the data expires, if not before if you surf too much. These 3GB SIMs vary in price from week to week but are currently about £11+ which I think is very good value.

You just stick them in and power up and hey presto you're surfing anywhere where there is a network signal from Three. When it expires you just throw away the SIM and put another one in the slot.
All this without having to load flaky dongle software!

Mind you, a MiFi dongle is the alternative if you've only got a WifFi tablet..
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