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Dropped my S3 by accident- no insurance :(

2: Seeker

Hi there, I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 on £36p/m- I got it when it first came out,

but when I was out at the weekend I unknowingly dropped it on a dance floor- and

you can imagine the result- screen totally off the phone- although still intact, chunks 

out the sides and buttons missing... I am so angry because I was going to get insurance

the week before!


Anyway Vodafone have sent a bag out to collect it to see if they can repair it...

Are there not any online insurance sites I can sign up for and then make a claim haha?


Or do you think Vodafone would add another S3 to my bill and just charge me montly 

for it? I've worked out it should be about £25 extra on my bill.


Helppp I'm a poor- ish student

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2: Seeker

Hi there, I have an S3 on £36p/m contract however,

I was out at the weekend and dropped it on a dancefloor-

as you can imagine the phone is destroyed... the screen is 

completely detatched from the phone, although still intact,

buttons missing, chunks out of it etc.  

And I don't have insurance ... I was going to get it last week,

how I wish I did now!!!


Anyway, is there anything I can do like could I sign up to protect your

bubble or that and then make a claim a few weeks later? 

Vodafone are sending a bag out to see if they can repair it- which they wont be able to.


How much do Vodafone charge for replacement S3's?

It's £399 for a PAYG one... could they just add that on to my bill and spread it out?

I have 16 months left


Helppp I'm a poor- ish student ... haha.

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17: Community Champion

Blimey what a mess. So sorry to hear/see your misfortune.


I don't think that Vodafone is going to be able to do anything to help you I'm afraid. And just in case you were serious, signing up for insurance knowing you already have a claim ins fraud and therefore illegal.


A hard lesson I'm afraid  - good luck.


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17: Community Champion
Can't see vodafone doing that.

Are you not covered on house insurance ? Mine was stolen but was covered on my house insurance? Some bank accounts also cover mobile phones.
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2: Seeker
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17: Community Champion

With the extent of that damage ( looks like it's been run over, not dropped... :smileysurprised: )

You may well be charged the full cost of a replacement phone...?


Not sure how they would handle this?


Perhaps if your nice to your Parents you could claim on their Home insurance? Mine covers me for damage outside the home.

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16: Advanced member

My Local Service centre wants to No How you dropped it ??

Why well so they can repaet this to remove damaged screens as there not easy to remove and takes ages !!!

Plus were is the main PCB Board and there is no Camera and its been unplugged 

This method would save service centres lots of money !!!

Might be a bit strange tho going clubbing and seeing people dropping there phones 

Oh it does put up with some punishment






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