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Duplicate Gmail notifications


Hi everyone


The Note is my first Android phone (moved from BlackBerry) and I've ran into a problem already.


When I set up the phone it asked for a Gmail account. So i put my details in and assumed that would sync my contacts, calendars, emails etc.


Then I clicked on the 'Email' app and it again asked me for my details, so I reentered them.


Now I get two notifications for each message and can't find a way to delete the extra account.


Ideally I'd like to delete the GMAIL app as I prefer the looks of the EMAIL app but I'm not sure if thats possible.


Alternatively, I'd like to turn off notifications in the GMAIL app so I could still use the nicer looking EMAIL app


If neither possible, I guess I'd need to delete the EMAIL app but I can't even work out how to do this Smiley Sad


If any one can help me I'd be forever grateful as it's driving me barmy.


Love Apollo

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16: Advanced member

Arrrrr this is easy 

Gmail is a live email account eg its not stored on your phone now this is done via the Gmail app

There is a separte email app this is used for pop3 type emails 

Now you can still use this but it will pull the email from Gmail so you can not see them via the web


To fix this you need to remove the account that is linked to the emal app this can be done via the email app or via accounts and sync

Via the app click the menu button and find the acconts optin then when it shows your acount select it and remove it


I would just use the Gmail app as this keeps every thing in sync with Gmail

any more help let me no

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9: Established
That shouldn't be the case, the onboard mail client supports IMAP (as does Gmail) which means it won't download the mail and wipe it from the server plus it will keep all the folders synced. Even over pop I would expect the default to be to leave it on the server but sent mail and similar wouldn't be sychronised to the server as they are with imap.

Knowledge is power, guard it well
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13: Advanced Member
i have all my emails from 3 different account's forwarded to my gmail account that way you only need one gmail/email set up on the phone
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