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Freebie rewards

2: Seeker
I have been trying to claim my rewards for over 2 days, not only is the website down but I have also spent near enough £4 credit calling costumer service to be cut off mid call, I also put £15 credit on last night and brought another web pack as i couldn't get online and assumed I'd ran out. I still wasn't able to so after numerous of calls to your terrible costumer service line I had somehow brought another web pack which I didn't need or want so please do explain why I have only 60 texts left and no data?
I've had nothing but Aggro since joining VODAFONE.
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Moderator (Retired)

Hi M4ri3,


So that we can see what’s happening, we will need to access your account and you can see how to contact the team here.





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1: Seeker

This has to be the worst website and most soul destroying experience, ever.  I have been trying to claim rewads for over a week. Previous to this I tried unseccesfully for about the same time over 6 months ago.

I have only ever got "some parts of this site are being upgraded" Oh, realy? It's been like this for months now!

If you realy want to improve the site then just remove most of the rubbish and let people claim their "rewardz" by fixing this part of the site.

If I ever do manage to claim my "rewardz" I will be cashing the lot in and moving very quickly to another provider.

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Moderator (Retired)

Hi clive_young,


Please try clearing your cache and cookies and try a different browser.


If this still doesn’t work, please contact the team here to get it escalated.




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3: Seeker

I agree. Give us the rewards we have earned, instead of messing about. Your website is a mess. I want my rewards and i then want out.

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Moderator (Retired)

Hi paulie74, 


We're aware of an issue with accessing the Rewardz page at the moment and this is being looked into. 


Apologies for any inconvenience caused in the meantime. 





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