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Getting a micro Sim

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I have a iPhone 3gs under contract and have decided to buy a 4s outright and go Sim only when my contract expires next year. All being well, my 4s arrives tomorrow.


I understand that I need to go into a shop and get a Micro Sim for the 4s. I went in to check the other day and they confirmed that they can do it. However, I am going away for the weekend and may run out of time if the phone doesn't arrive early.


Can anyone help me with a couple of questions. The guy in the shop didn't seem to understand exactly what I was saying.


Do I need to take in the new phone, or can I just go in and collect a Sim?


When they issue a new Sim do they take the old one away?


As I'm sure it will be busy in the shop tomorrow, I'd like to get one this evening if possible, but can't risk my 3gs not working over the weekend if the 4s arrives late. I don't really want to make a wasted journey tonight to find they can't do it.


I think that makes sense.



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17: Community Champion

Your number is currently attached to a regular SIM card. What they'll do is remove your number from the regular SIM and attach it to the new micro SIM. By removing the number from the regular SIM it won't have a number attached anymore so won't work, but your number on the Micro SIM should then kick in.


I would have thought all you'd need to do is collect the SIM card itself then put in to the 4S when you're ready. You'd then need to active it via iTunes (something the store offer as a service upon purchase but you can do it easily yourself as long as you've got internet access and a copy of iTunes installed)


On a slightly unrelated note, I'm going from a 3GS to a 4S myself so will be swapping a regular SIM for a micro SIM. Because all my backup phones (including the 3GS) will require a regular SIM I'm buying one of these SIM adapters  in case I'm ever without the iPhone 4S, not too expensive and seem to work well. Just google 'mico SIM adapter'



Vodafone customer since 2004. Attempting to help where I can on the Community

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Community Champion (Retired)

You need to take your sim to the Vodafone store where they will transfer the details to your new sim and activate it for you. Once the new sim is activated the old sim will no longer work.


Or you  could ask them  if they will supply a new sim with all of your details copied to it and then let you activate the sim when your new phone arrives. When you activate the new sim the old one will 'die'.


You do not need to have the new phone with you to get a new sim although it is preferable to do so to make sure it is working Ok.

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2: Seeker

Thanks for the replies.

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