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Google Nexus One - Widespread Connectivity Issues

3: Seeker

I'm getting fed up with the "service" now.

I call vodafone customer services (supposedly supporting business users) and all I get told is exactly what I need to hear to get me off the phone. Nothing happens, nothing improves and frankly, I'm not impressed and will looking into leaving vodafone (shortly after joining).

I have had nothing but problems since about week 2 into my contract with connecting to the vodafone network. To be specific, I have experienced the following so far:

During a phone call, I would get cut off and unregistered from the network. When I eventually got back on, I'd get all of 2/3mins on the phone and the same thing would happen. I reported this and was told there a problem with a mast (blah...). cut to a few days later and still experiencing the problem, but the next person I spoke with knew nothing of a supposed outage or issue with any of the masts near me (or the areas I've been in).

I've had the simcard replaced, and whilst this particular problem has gone, it has now been replaced with:

General lack of signal. and by general i mean each time I pick up the phone to use it, I have no signal and have to manually join the network to get it back. Also 3g doesnt generally engage unless I register on the network manually.

As I have 2 handsets on my account and we're both experiencing this problem, I guess its either, Vodafone, or the phone... but it seems odd that 2 of 2 phones would have identical problems and from my scanning of this forum, I haven't seen it being a prolific problem.

I didn't leave o2 to recieve yet further sub standard service.

Vodafone should spend less money sponsoring F1 and more time upgrading their infrastructure and support services.
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Moderator (Retired)
Hi Jemil,

Let's see if I can get some trust in the service back here.

A key thing is going to be location, as it is possible that a local cell has been having difficulties as you were originally told, but that the first operator only found out by looking that bit deeper than our main systems. Are all the issues happening at one location or are they happening everywhere?

If it's one location, can you confirm the postcode for me? If it's in more than one place, can you give us a few postcodes covered and we can see if, for example, there's a larger issue or limited cellsites covering a large area.

Can you also confirm for me if you have any signal drop-out when you switch the handsets to 2G only?

Finally for now, wjhen you say "engage manually", what steps are you following when it doesn't connect and what are you doing to force it?

I'm sure we can get to the bottom of this for you.


eForum Team

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4: Newbie
Hi DaveN,

Certainly the 3G issue mentioned by Jemil is being experienced by other users to, refer to this thread:

I note that none of the eForum team have commented there yet.

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