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HTC Desire Pics issue

1: Seeker



I have a HTC Desire HD and photos I take keep disappearing from my phone.


I have some pics in my gallery that I downloaded, whatever I take now will go in my gallery, but a day or 2 later just vanish. I have used picsa as wallpaper and they stayed as my wallpaper, but have gone from my gallery and it seems my phone.


Anyone else had similar issues or can offer any solutions?



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4: Newbie
Try UPLOADING a photo somewhere (facebook or tinypic or something) and see if the lost pics come up in the selections offered.. I've had the same problems in the past, when I've connected my phone to a computer via the usb lead, they usually show on the pc Please note, when i had the issue, it was NOT on a htc phone
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1: Seeker



I've had exactly the same problem, and the only way I seem to be able to get pictures back is to take the battery out and put it back in again. Vodafone think it is a software issue.



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Moderator (Retired)

Hey Guys


Many thanks for this.


So that we can test this on the device in the office please can you let me know the following;


Are the pictures stored on the phone memory or the memory card?


What Software version are you running?


If you can let us know we will be able to test this for you.



eForum Team

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6: Helper

Desire and DesireHD.


Never had the problems reported. Images are all stored direct to MicroSD card.


I use the native photo gallery and also QuickPic gallery, and images appear in both.


Maybe you have buggy phones? Have you hard reset (after backing up all data first, "just in case"?)


Good luck





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