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HTC Desire S SD Card problems

5: Helper

I've had my phone for over a year now and I've been happy with it. Occasionally when I've been listening to music it would stop and it would come up insert SD card. This sorted itself out when I took the card out and put it back in. It's been doing it more now, not just when listening to music but also when I plug it into the computer and select the disk drive option, sometimes it would transfer one or two files across and then stop and I'd get the message again to insert SD card. Again, usually resetting the phone and reinserting the card sorted this, but as of yesterday nothing I do works. I've tried switching the phone off for a few minutes, taking the card and battery out for a few minutes, but nothing I do makes any difference. It just seems like there is no card in, so I can't do the mount/unmount or format, but if I plug it into my laptop with the adapter it works fine.

Is it my SD card reader in the phone, and if so is my phone under warranty?

Thanks for any advice.

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5: Helper

Actually I've just tried putting the card into an SD adapter and into my laptop and nothing happens, which leads me to believe the card has somehow broken, which I'm gutted about as it had the vidoes and photos of he kids on holiday, birthdays, Christmas etc. Anybody know if you can retrieve the data from a card when this happens?

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Moderator (Retired)

Hi there Link,


Thanks for the update to your original post.


From what you've said it sounds like the card has developed a fault. I don’t know about any recovery tricks to be able to keep the data you have stored. Have you made any back-ups at all?





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5: Helper

Thanks for the reply.

I backed up some photos ages ago, I never tended to keep backups as I've never had any problems with any other cards before. Looks like I'll have to get another card as a lot of the apps on the phone won't work without one. Just gutted I've lost all my photos and videos.

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