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HTC Desire S Ultimate Offer!

4: Newbie
Aww my order has been delayed and looks like my phone won't be with me today!!

BTW I logged into my Vodafone account to check if my price plan has been changed, and indeed it has, however the monthly cost is £35 instead of the expected £17.50?
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2: Seeker


Have all the winners been told yet  ???  :smileyhappy: I am back in the UK today and looking for a new contact and don't know if I still have a chance for this great deal or if should just bite the bullet .........:smileywink:

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Moderator (Retired)

Hi chuichi,


Thanks for your post. During our conversation yesterday I explained that the price plan will be changed to £35, the 50% discount then comes into effect for 12 months from the last day of this month.


As it isn't live yet, you won't see it on the online account.


I hope this clears things up.


Hello bazzah,


We're still waiting to speak to the final couple of winners. Once that's been done we'll be contacting everyone over the next few days who entered for the offer. We have a number of great packages for the Desire S that we'll be able to offer.


All the best




Web Relations Team



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4: Newbie
Hi Ian, thanks for the reply! Yup that clears things up, cheers
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2: Seeker
Hi Tom

I am one of the lucky winners to have received an e-mail confirming I had won the Desire S Ultimate offer. I responded by e-mail with my contact details (both mobile and landline).

Unfortunately, I have yet to receive a call despite sending several e-mails and contacting Vodafone and leaving messages yesterday afternoon and evening.

I'm in all day today if someone could kindly contact me please.

Stardust128 x
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2: Seeker

I have just received my HTC Desire S that I won in last Thursday's Ultimate Offer. Thank you so much - it looks amazing! Time to update my avatar pic (Nokia 6230)!!!


Thanks again! Great offer, great phone. :smileyhappy:

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4: Newbie
Hi all, I've received my phone finally! Not used it yet (it's still being charged) but am loving it already! Thanks Vodafone!
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Community Manager (Retired) KD
Community Manager (Retired)

Hi everyone


Stardust128 I understand this has all been arranged for you. Congratualtions again! :smileyvery-happy:


precious_little and chuichi I'm glad you're both so pleased! 


If any of you have any questions on how to set up your phones or need any advice feel free to add a post and I'm sure our friendly community will be able to help.


Take care



eForum and Web Relations Team

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